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Paint is one of the easiest, and most powerful decorating tools around. Yet, Textured paint is more stylish and adds a unique touch to the walls. Every day at your city, town, suburb or village, there is need for a good quality paint. There are renovations or building construction happening within your community, be it construction of houses, businesses, schools or churches, Paint is needed every day and there is someone out there looking for something different. Nevertheless, consumers are more into DIY products nowadays.

We have created this distributor opportunity to enable your establishment to have a variety of high-quality textured paints, with the ultimate goal to give your customers a selection of different finishes to decorate their wall space with. Additionally, the pleasure of a DIY experience at home to cut costs.  

Elite Decorative Paints (Pty) Ltd is a South African based company that manufactures quality textured paints and modern coatings. All Elite Decorative Paints are well established water-based paints, having been chemically formulated to be an Eco-friendly option, giving Elite Decorative Paints a result with a significantly non-inflammable, making it safe for the environment and the community.

With the vast assortment of Elite Decorative Paints, they are available in the highest quality, with various shades and colours that are mixed and manufactured using only premium ingredients that give our blend an effortless aroma, filling every room with an almost mouth-watering scent that leaves a trail of tantalizing sweetness in the air. We offer custom-made colours to match the needs and taste of customers.

We are proud to offer superior quality paints with 7 years guarantee. We are one of the fastest-growing decorative paints manufacturing companies in the country.  

Why choose Elite Decorative Paints?
•    Provision of high-level training on product knowledge.
•    We offer our products at nominal rates.
•    Good profit margins and Return on Investment
•    Locally produced premium quality paints
•    We offer complementary feature wall at your store upon signing our trade agreement.
•    Credit Account facility option

Partner with us, and let our winning products make a difference at your store.